Monthly Archives: August 2013

Vincent Cablepots

The Grumpy Prat (with apologies to TS Eliot, and Jennyanydots, the original Gumbie Cat). I have a Grumpy Prat in mind, his name is Vincent Cablepots. His forehead’s always rather lined, through cutting through financial knots. All day he sits and writes and talks and passes time and chews the fat; He spouts and spouts […]

Waiting for the evidence

Let’s take three questions, three politically-sensitive decisions subject to much overheated public debate and scientific scrutiny. Question 1: Should there be a minimum price per unit of alcohol? Would this do anything to avert potential crises in liver disease and associated conditions, ease the strain on the NHS, reduce alcohol-fuelled crime? Question 2: Should cigarettes […]

Mirror, mirror

Swimming in the sea off an English coast at 9 in the morning without a wetsuit is a bracing experience. Not so much for the cold and the half-ton of fist-sized stones smashing into your ankles every time a wave advances or retreats, but for what it turns you into. You lie on your back […]


I’m on holiday. The Internet access is intermittent at best so I’m struggling to research, write, save and upload a proper blog. That’s rubbish, of course. I’m on holiday so I’m not blogging out of sheer, unadulterated laziness, and I’m sorry to disappoint my legions of undetectable readers, and even sorrier that I didn’t warn […]