Press Baron Bingo!


Every time you hear one of the lies below, simply cross out the box. When you’ve got the lot, just comment below! Extra marks for getting them all from the same source – Roger Alton from The Times is off to a cracking start!

The press weren’t consulted The regulator will have the power to stop stories being published


The Charter is a threat to the unfettered freedom of speech we have enjoyed for centuries


It was all cobbled together over a pizza
The two thirds majority required to amend it isn’t a strong enough protection The power to “direct” the form of apologies is just too much for any reasonable business to tolerate


It sets a bad example to other countries The Charter would be a fetter on basic human rights, including those enshrined in the European Convention
The Charter means politicians will be involved in regulation A Royal Charter isn’t appropriate format AND These are statutory controls

(extra marks for both)

This is all about a bunch of celebrities and MPs annoyed that their foibles and expenses scams have been exposed by brave journalists


Everything that’s been complained about was illegal anyway – the law just needs to be properly applied
It’s the beginning of a slippery slope which will lead who knows where? The “people” don’t want it and the foreign press are up in arms against it


The old Press Complaints Commission wasn’t really that bad No account has been taken of bloggers and small publishers

One comment

  1. Yes, load of rubbish! Execute Murdoch I say (and he’s one of ours technically so I think we have the right. Or better still, hand him over to tribal law in the NT and have him speared and then fed grub sandwich).

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