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Bankers Town is out, now

It’s been a while. I’m sorry. I’ve been busy. I thought about calling you, I really did, I even picked up the phone a couple of times, but each time other stuff came up, other things got in the way, you know how it is, right? But the other stuff is done, now. It’s here […]

Bankers Town

It’s all go, now. The date is set. Well, it’s almost set. Bankers Town (previously known as Without Due Care) will be launched in March 2014. There are a million things to do between then and now, but in the meantime, please like and share the Facebook page and ask anyone you know who can […]

By St Cuthbert’s Stricken Oak!

The only verified likeness of St Cuthbert of Liebster, currently on display in the Uffizi Gallery For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the world of blogging is awash with the notion of “paying it forward”. Doing good turns, passing on your good fortune, all good clean wholesome stuff. And that includes the […]

Vincent Cablepots

The Grumpy Prat (with apologies to TS Eliot, and Jennyanydots, the original Gumbie Cat). I have a Grumpy Prat in mind, his name is Vincent Cablepots. His forehead’s always rather lined, through cutting through financial knots. All day he sits and writes and talks and passes time and chews the fat; He spouts and spouts […]

Yes, I remember Kenneth Clarke

(With apologies to Edward Thomas, and in gratitude for Adlestrop ). Yes, I remember Kenneth Clarke — The name, because when there were none Of note and few who shone he shone Remarkably. He was alone. The party hissed. Someone cleared his throat And muttered “left” and “Europe”, Tore down his platform. What remained Was […]

New Stuff – “Best of” and “Poems and Sketches”

A quick one today. I’ve updated the blog so that as well as buttons for “About” and the novel, “Without Due Care”, there are two new options. There’s “best of”, which is pretty self-explanatory; selected by me, after hours of staring at the screen and muttering “did I really write that?”, with no proper criteria […]

Malala and the Three Million Dollar Slap

There will no doubt be people who will feel that Malala (the subject of one of my earliest posts) has somehow tainted herself by signing a $3m book deal. There will be people (like this guy, probably) who see it as yet another celebrity muscling in on writers. They couldn’t be more wrong. She’s a […]

Books (mine)

Books. I know it says in the tagline somewhere this blog is supposed to be about books, and it’s been more than a month now, so I suppose it’s time. I’ve written three novels and not a one of them is published. Let me make that a little clearer: all three have been reviewed by […]

They’re all at it

My heart sank when I read this. So Frank Lampard’s at it now, too. Not to mention Theo. And Jordan. And Ricky Gervais. And those are just the children’s writers. What about the rest, the celebs bombarding us with their ghostwritten “memoirs”, diet tips and the rest? It’s enough to make a wannabe published writer […]