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Alas, Poor Google

I’ve kept pretty quiet about the whole data-theft-whistle-blowing-seeking-asylum-in-country-where-anti-government-journalists-just-get-shot mess so far for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m not entirely sure where I stand on it. I’m not too bothered about my own personal data – hell, I hand it out like candy anyway – but I accept that other people have justifiable concerns about […]

HS2? Don’t make me laugh.

You wouldn’t want to be running PR for HS2. Not these days. Every time you open your mouth to announce something good, it’s been spiked before you’ve got your first sentence out. So just last week, just as Government was sternly reminding Labour that the project needs cross-party support if it’s going to survive and […]

By St Cuthbert’s Stricken Oak!

The only verified likeness of St Cuthbert of Liebster, currently on display in the Uffizi Gallery For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the world of blogging is awash with the notion of “paying it forward”. Doing good turns, passing on your good fortune, all good clean wholesome stuff. And that includes the […]


  Well that almost slipped by without my noticing it at all. My last post, The “S” Word, was my hundredth. Probably not the one I’d have chosen to mark such a significant event, but what the hell. It seems an appropriate time to sit back and reflect on what I have achieved, with my hundred […]

Axis of evil

A story posted a while back by a friend on Facebook got me thinking. The story’s here, and the headline pretty much sums it up. Campus police on a prestigious American university seem to have been siding with the perpetrators of rape against its victims, a mix of the “it wasn’t really rape” and “she […]

Letting go

Just got back off my holidays. Lovely time. Devon, then home. Scotland, then home. Maybe not the most adventurous of choices, but it was fun, and that’s the most important thing. It’s when you go away, and then come back, that you realise what kind of person you are. There are people who can get […]


I’m on holiday. The Internet access is intermittent at best so I’m struggling to research, write, save and upload a proper blog. That’s rubbish, of course. I’m on holiday so I’m not blogging out of sheer, unadulterated laziness, and I’m sorry to disappoint my legions of undetectable readers, and even sorrier that I didn’t warn […]

You say you want a revolution

I got an email from a campaigning petition group the other day. You know the kind of thing. Ever since Avaaz made it big there are hundreds of them around. You’ve got your generalist petition sites (any petition you want), you’ve got your specialist petition sites (against child exploitation, say, or advocating universal education), you’ve […]