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Alas, Poor Google

I’ve kept pretty quiet about the whole data-theft-whistle-blowing-seeking-asylum-in-country-where-anti-government-journalists-just-get-shot mess so far for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m not entirely sure where I stand on it. I’m not too bothered about my own personal data – hell, I hand it out like candy anyway – but I accept that other people have justifiable concerns about […]

Stupid Stats

  A quick one this morning. The BBC is running a story about a campaign by road safety charity Brake to ban the use of hands-free mobiles on the road. They’ve a few studies and numbers to back up their campaign, and I’m not going to go into the rights and wrongs of it because in […]

Press Baron Bingo!

Let’s play – PRESS BARON BINGO! Every time you hear one of the lies below, simply cross out the box. When you’ve got the lot, just comment below! Extra marks for getting them all from the same source – Roger Alton from The Times is off to a cracking start! The press weren’t consulted The […]

What’s “important”, and why that matters

Wait a third of a year for a post about words and meanings, and two come along at once. A fortnight ago I was penning this piece about definitions and the law. And shortly afterwards I was given an object lesson in how easily this same subjectivity of language can be manipulated for political ends. […]

Through the Looking Glass

The dominoes are starting to fall. In country after country, objections are being swept aside. In country after country, marriage between partners of the same sex is being legitimised by law. There are a number of grounds on which those who oppose these changes base their opposition. There’s religion. There’s “nature”, whatever that is, and […]

To catch a thief, or to save a life.

When the whole hacking story first broke, all those years ago, before it was all about Milly Dowler and the McCanns, and Hugh Grant and Alan Partridge, it was about politicians. And for that reason, I must admit, I was somewhat dismissive about it. A bunch of MPs had a grievance about the press, and […]