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Confirmation Bias

First thing you should know is that this is yet another post about being, you know, nice. Obviously, being nice isn’t very interesting and is rarely particularly amusing, so this post may struggle to achieve either. Apologies. Normal, cynical, hilarious service will resume soon. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about confirmation bias. In case […]

Press Baron Bingo!

Let’s play – PRESS BARON BINGO! Every time you hear one of the lies below, simply cross out the box. When you’ve got the lot, just comment below! Extra marks for getting them all from the same source – Roger Alton from The Times is off to a cracking start! The press weren’t consulted The […]

Leveson and the “Charter” – let’s be clear

So now the Executive Editor of the Times is at it. Rumour-mongering, stirring panic, spreading disinformation. He doesn’t want a statutory body, he says, because that would be the end of 300 years of a free press. The story’s here, and you can skip the Hugh Grant bit if you like. Let’s be clear on […]

“If” (Daily Mail version)

If you can pick on Ed, when all around you Are at the Tory conference writing wittily on Dave, If the simplest of ideas, like “truth”, confound you, If nineteenth-century England is what you really crave, If you can lie and not be tired by lying, Or crashing some memorial, like the classy folk you […]

You say you want a revolution

I got an email from a campaigning petition group the other day. You know the kind of thing. Ever since Avaaz made it big there are hundreds of them around. You’ve got your generalist petition sites (any petition you want), you’ve got your specialist petition sites (against child exploitation, say, or advocating universal education), you’ve […]

To catch a thief, or to save a life.

When the whole hacking story first broke, all those years ago, before it was all about Milly Dowler and the McCanns, and Hugh Grant and Alan Partridge, it was about politicians. And for that reason, I must admit, I was somewhat dismissive about it. A bunch of MPs had a grievance about the press, and […]

The hack, the money, the taxman and his lover

Operation Elveden, the investigation into payments to corrupt officials, appears to have claimed another scalp. In case you missed the story, and you might well have done, because in isolation it’s not a big story and it’s not enormously important and, frankly, it’s not that interesting, it (allegedly) goes something like this: Sun journalist offers […]

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey diddle diddle MPs on the fiddle, The press were over the moon. The Telegraph roared To see such fraud, They’d always hated Geoff Hoon. But hey nonny nonny Some dark telephony Brought public pressure to bear. The press were appalled When Leveson called For something to make them play fair. After much barter They […]

Here will be the news. Maybe.

Look at this*, will you? It’s short enough anyway, but the key bit is this: The home secretary was expected to say in a speech later she wanted the body that oversees sentencing to ensure police killers were never released. But a spokesman for the council said murder was the only offence for which it […]

No Direction

This morning, I’m angry. I’m angry and a little concerned. Because the press seem to have rejected the half-baked proposals that would have let them carry on regulating themselves anyway. And that’s not good enough. There’s a half dozen little details that the press aren’t happy about. There’s a rejection of the so-called Government involvement […]