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Alas, Poor Google

I’ve kept pretty quiet about the whole data-theft-whistle-blowing-seeking-asylum-in-country-where-anti-government-journalists-just-get-shot mess so far for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m not entirely sure where I stand on it. I’m not too bothered about my own personal data – hell, I hand it out like candy anyway – but I accept that other people have justifiable concerns about […]

Waiting for the evidence

Let’s take three questions, three politically-sensitive decisions subject to much overheated public debate and scientific scrutiny. Question 1: Should there be a minimum price per unit of alcohol? Would this do anything to avert potential crises in liver disease and associated conditions, ease the strain on the NHS, reduce alcohol-fuelled crime? Question 2: Should cigarettes […]

The End is Seriously Nigh

Desperate for our attention, as ever, more like a b-list celeb with a book to plug than a respectable theoretical elementary particle, the Higgs Boson is back in the news. Of course by now we’re used to the way The Higgs operates. Everyone’s standing around, talking quietly in small groups, a glass of wine in […]