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Human Sacrifice: How Perez Failed to Win the World Cup for Argentina

  The World Cup is over. A certain team won. Another team didn’t, and inevitably there will be much scratching of pundit-heads and stroking of pundit-chins in an effort to find out why. Geniuses far and wide will claim they know the answer. They will all be wrong. How do I know this? I know […]

Necromancy – The Truth About How Germany Beat Brazil

  It’s the morning after the night before, and analysts all over the world are trying to get to grips with last night’s shock. For the host nation – for Brazil – to have been beaten so convincingly seems to have come as a surprise to most, but should it have done? All those analysts […]

Legacy and all that

It’s decision time, as I write, for the IOC. There’s a bunch of sports that want in the Olympics. There’s a bunch more don’t want to be kicked out. And, following a decision-making process that’s as transparent as a rail franchise award, the IOC are set to deliver their verdict. In the running are such […]

News Limerick of the Day

There’s fewer psychotics and thugs, And the police got away with their bugs, The end might be nigh, But at least this guy’s dry, And some horses were caught taking drugs (the coloured text links to the relevant stories) ******************************* If you liked this, take a look at some extracts from my soon-to-be-published novel Without […]

Don Valley Stadium: Is Nothing Sacred?

As I write this, Sheffield Council is considering whether or not to close the Don Valley Stadium, famous (lately) as the venue in which poster-girl-cum-supreme-being Jessica Ennis trains. (Update: the council have decided to go ahead with the closure). The stadium is being run at a loss and cost the council £700,000 in the last […]