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Human Sacrifice: How Perez Failed to Win the World Cup for Argentina

  The World Cup is over. A certain team won. Another team didn’t, and inevitably there will be much scratching of pundit-heads and stroking of pundit-chins in an effort to find out why. Geniuses far and wide will claim they know the answer. They will all be wrong. How do I know this? I know […]

Confirmation Bias

First thing you should know is that this is yet another post about being, you know, nice. Obviously, being nice isn’t very interesting and is rarely particularly amusing, so this post may struggle to achieve either. Apologies. Normal, cynical, hilarious service will resume soon. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about confirmation bias. In case […]

A problem with culture

The banking report, with all its well-meaning and serious-sounding gobbets of wisdom, reminded me I had something recorded from a couple of months back. So the other night I finally got round to watching the BBC documentary on bankers. Very portentous, the BBC, when it comes to bankers. Bankers: Fixing the System, the first episode […]

News Limerick of the Day

This woman struggled with parking, While this one hit someone in Barking. There were fists in Nepal, There was bad Stuart Hall, And the Masterchef champ won’t be Larkin (Links go to the stories on the BBC, and yes, I know that last one’s a prediction, but half the news is made up anyway, right?) […]

With regret, you’re an idiot

Does this story really surprise anyone at all? Woman wins TV talent show only to find that the job at the end of it is about as genuine as the persona she herself has inflicted on the general public on her way to the top? It was a TV show, for heaven’s sake. And those […]