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Bankers Town – The Video

Bankers Town has a video, and I’ve got to be honest, it’s awesome. It’s 2 minutes long and it’ll change your life. If it doesn’t change your life, read the book and find out why. One way or another, watch the video AND read the book and then do it all again. Oh, the video’s […]

Human Sacrifice: How Perez Failed to Win the World Cup for Argentina

  The World Cup is over. A certain team won. Another team didn’t, and inevitably there will be much scratching of pundit-heads and stroking of pundit-chins in an effort to find out why. Geniuses far and wide will claim they know the answer. They will all be wrong. How do I know this? I know […]

Michael Gove was a Merry Old Cove

Michael Gove was a merry old cove A merry old cove was he, He called for a change to curricula, And he pissed off the NUT. Every little thing that the Govenor did Made him look even more of a clown, Like a mint spent on gilt-edged bibles For schools that were falling down. “Sport” […]

How I became a troll

Over the weekend, I did something I rarely do. I read an article online, and when I’d finished it I scrolled down the screen and added a comment. It wasn’t a particularly controversial comment – to be honest, it wasn’t even that worthwhile a comment, but I gave it anyway. And then I made my […]

A duty of candour

Ah, the NHS. Hit them when they’re down. It’s not enough that this eternal, infernal winter is driving sickness to horrible new levels. Now nurses will have to train in basic care (I thought they already knew all that) and it looks like there will be a new legal duty of candour imposed on NHS […]

The Great Bank Robbery

I always thought that when you got into trouble, as a country, the deal was something like this: tighten your belt, screw your economy for the next few years, and the international community will see you good, rearrange your terms, stop you from defaulting, and maybe start lending to you on something like acceptable terms […]

The Day of the Minimum Price Triffids

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and today Court sits outside. The King lounges, only half-awake, on a magnificent golden throne. Courtiers and advisers gaze absently at one another, at their nails, at the array of house-plants scattered around the field at five minutes’ notice after the King decided this morning that the […]

Islands in the Eye of the Storm

It’s all become rather silly, hasn’t it? Argentina rattles sabre; Islanders react with predictable fury; Britain sits impassive, her own position determined only by the will of the Islanders. Positions have become so entrenched it seems there’s no hope at all of getting any kind of agreement. But I’m not so sure. And whilst it’s […]

It’s the credit story, stupid.

No one will admit it. It’s not surprising, really, because if they did they’d also have to admit that this time, the bankers aren’t entirely to blame (although they’re hardly blameless, but more later). As has been reported to death, the banks are borrowing cheap and lending – erm, not. They’re not lending. Or not […]

No post today

I’m looking at posting four times a week (or so). So nothing today from me. And no, this doesn’t count. I’ll try to remain lean and flexible (not physically, of course) so I can react to all those horse-banking-book-leveson stories as they emerge.