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How to cure the world

Two unconnected stories have grabbed my attention. First, a rape investigation unit in South London encouraged at least one woman and possibly more to retract rape allegations, apparently in order to improve their cleanup stats. The Metropolitan Police, as outraged by this as they should be, are nonetheless confident that nothing like it could happen […]

The Parapet

Yesterday was a funny old day for this blog. On the positive side, I passed a thousand views. I have no idea whether this is good or not for a blog that’s been around three weeks, but it seems like a nice round number so I’m inclined to celebrate. On the negative side, I got […]

A little knowledge

So now Nick Clegg is in trouble. It seems he knew something “non-specific” about Lord Rennard. For those of you who don’t have the faintest idea who Lord Rennard is, first, welcome to the club, and second, we should be ashamed of ourselves because as the ex-chief executive of the Liberal Democrats he was a […]

Oh George

If Thursday is the new (old) Friday, and Saturday night’s alright for fighting, then Friday is the night of the downgrade. I seem to recall this happening to the US and France at the same kind of “I’m sorry there’s no one here to take your call” bit of the week, and now it’s hit […]

The End is Seriously Nigh

Desperate for our attention, as ever, more like a b-list celeb with a book to plug than a respectable theoretical elementary particle, the Higgs Boson is back in the news. Of course by now we’re used to the way The Higgs operates. Everyone’s standing around, talking quietly in small groups, a glass of wine in […]


You may have seen this image doing the rounds of the web. When I saw it my first reaction was to grin, assume the stats weren’t made up (a bold assumption, I know) and chalk up another important weapon in the equality armoury. But when I stopped and thought about it for a moment my […]

No post today

I’m looking at posting four times a week (or so). So nothing today from me. And no, this doesn’t count. I’ll try to remain lean and flexible (not physically, of course) so I can react to all those horse-banking-book-leveson stories as they emerge.

LIBOR Revisited: who should pay the piper?

Oh, it’s embarrassing, isn’t it? Poor old George. I guess it’s a little like glancing up and seeing someone’s landed on Mayfair. On your Mayfair, complete with hotel and those extortionate charges. Rubbing your hands together with glee before the barely-suppressed smirks of the other Finance Ministers encourage you to take a closer look. Whose […]

Horses and Banks: the Goldmans Value Burger

After this morning’s post I couldn’t let this lovely gobbet of wisdom get by without comment or what I gather is called a “reblog”. A few years ago I would have told you the difference between subprime and Findus is that subprime (when it went wrong) was a mistake, whereas horsebeef is a fraud. As […]

Of Horse and Men

Let’s face facts here: for most of us, the horsemeat scandal just isn’t that serious. Oh, what it says about the food chain is serious enough. And what it says about the trust we place in institutions, too. But tell the average person that it’s possible they may have inadvertently eaten a smidgeon of Shergar […]