Monthly Archives: June 2013

Ozymandius and the NHS

  I met a traveller from a once-great land Who said: Two vast and roofless wings of brick Stand by the car park. There too, close at hand, Twisted, a broken gurney bears no sick, And shattered screens, machines once at command, Of masters learned in needle and knife, And arrows, symbols, “X-Ray”, “MRI”, The […]

A problem with culture

The banking report, with all its well-meaning and serious-sounding gobbets of wisdom, reminded me I had something recorded from a couple of months back. So the other night I finally got round to watching the BBC documentary on bankers. Very portentous, the BBC, when it comes to bankers. Bankers: Fixing the System, the first episode […]

New Stuff – “Best of” and “Poems and Sketches”

A quick one today. I’ve updated the blog so that as well as buttons for “About” and the novel, “Without Due Care”, there are two new options. There’s “best of”, which is pretty self-explanatory; selected by me, after hours of staring at the screen and muttering “did I really write that?”, with no proper criteria […]

When I were a lad

You may have seen the latest set of Gove madnesses over the last week or two. Not content with a history of policy so crazy he got himself his very own poem here a few weeks back, the honourable secretary of state for education has set his sights on two new targets: teaching assistants, and […]

Idiots with Loud Voices

As I mentioned here, I recently joined an online “march” against Monsanto. There were some pretty compelling arguments to join the march, and in the post I outlined the ones that I found particularly persuasive. But of course, there were also arguments, on the same side, that made me think why bother? There was one […]

Ed Miliband – The Mystery Cat

Ed Miliband’s a heavyweight: he’s Labour’s Number One, He’s the chap the unions backed, so he’s the chap that won. He’ll terrify the Tories with a sideways grin and glare – But when you look for something more – Ed Miliband’s not there! Ed Miliband, Ed Miliband, there’s no one like Ed Miliband, He’s cleverer […]

The hack, the money, the taxman and his lover

Operation Elveden, the investigation into payments to corrupt officials, appears to have claimed another scalp. In case you missed the story, and you might well have done, because in isolation it’s not a big story and it’s not enormously important and, frankly, it’s not that interesting, it (allegedly) goes something like this: Sun journalist offers […]